Blackout adidas Predator 18 Released

With the Blackout adidas predator 18+ series officially back as a mainstream market release, there is currently a lot of people looking to jump back into the famous silo. It was one of the most highly anticipated new arrivals in recent time; the reintroduction of a true icon. There is a significant difference this time around though. Players now having the option of choosing between an Elite and Top-tier level boot. Laceless vs Laced. We are talking adidas Predator 18+ vs Predator 18.1.

That leads to the all important and all too common question of “what is the difference between both?” Here is what you need to know.

What do they have in common?

In order to really dig deeper into the differences, it is important to first factor in what similarities can be found on both boots. We are dealing with performance here more than visuals, since the colorway and actual design are pretty obviously identical.

. Both feature a Primeknit upper and compression mid-cut collar.
. The upper is also created in an a-typical Predator style. The upper features ridges that are strategically position for enhanced power and swerve.
. Underfoot, the stud configuration and design is the same, with both featuring a ControlFrame outsole.

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