Guthjcc NIke Mercurial Superfly V Rising Fast Pack Are Available

Following the launch of the 2017 NIke Mercurial Superfly colorway as well as the extremely understated Nike Mercurial Superfly V, Nike is going to be releasing a third color for their Mercurial Superfly V soccer boots this Nov. They are going to be combining a toned down base and a flashy trim.

This is going to be the latest colorway for the Nike Mercurial Superfly V football boot.

It's a sort of grayish next-gen color on the Rising Fast Pack soccer boots which fade from the front where it's lighter to the back where the gray becomes darker with the help of a very complex knitting pattern. The higher collar, "Dynamic Fit" as well as the laces of these new cleats have a dark gray color as well at

This base of the Nike Mercurial Superfly V boots which is almost dull combines well with a contrasting black and green accent. The second color, officially naked Ghost Green, has been used for the logo, the sole plate and the Swoosh outline of this pair of soccer cleats. Once again, the speed ribs, a trademark of the Nike Mercurial Superfly, have been highlighted with the help of some extensive color. In this situation, the colors used are garish yellow and gray.

Just like its predecessor, the Superfly 2017-18 boots aim to provide sock like fits with well knitted and heightened upper collars. The aforementioned texture of the speed rib has been worked nicely into the Flyknit upper of the boots too in order to help improve ball control as well as touch when in critical areas of the pitch. Earlier, the Mercurial had a constant surface on its upper. Nike looked at how speed-oriented players dribbled laterally while sprinting and only switched to the instep while shooting. They then adjusted the ribs accordingly.

Additionally, the Nike Mercurial Superfly V boots sole plate has been worked completely too. It has even been made 40% lighter because of the Nylon used in it in place of carbon fiber. Lastly, the sole plate of these cleats have studs which are shaped the same but are positioned in various directions. The ones on the heel are straight to help with braking, the ones on the forefoot have been angled to help with propulsion. There is also traction in a space that was earlier empty on the forefoot. This will make a huge difference for players too.

Another aspect which has been developed with this pair of boots is the braking system. Being able to stop in a second is critical. If players don't know they can stop when they need to, they are going to slow down earlier just like when driving a vehicle.

The Guthjcc NIke Mercurial Superfly V Rising Fast Pack are Available now

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