• Guthjcc Releases Red Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2018 world cup boots

    Nike launch a very bold colorway for its Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 football boots. For a gradient look, Nike is combining this time red colors for these soccer cleats. These new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Soccer cleats will be worn by Robert Lewandowski and Jamie Vardy. These cleats released for the Nike Hypervenom boot model.

    Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2018 boots are designed with a structure of speed, a usefully engineered grip pattern as well as combining slight construction and lightweight materials to help to stay speedy and fast on the field. These Nike Hypervenom Phantom world cup football boots will take the game to the next level in the way that was never seen before. These cleats can change the game, and they are the passing playmaker.
    The cheap Hypervenom Phantom upsurges to come across the changing requirements of the world’s lethal alert players. These are designed for the ones who uses acceleration, sharp cuts, random movement and quick braking to achieve the edge.
    These exceptional and iconic cleats are a complete package that has a perfect design to whack the game in the field. These Nike Hypervenom Phantom III soccer cleats have a dynamic fit collar and a design that will motivate the players to attack when their opponents least assume.
    The ACC technology used in Nike Hypervenom 2018 Soccer Cleats that will provide you the flawless hold on the ball in all weather conditions. An extra thin layer is also placed on the upper part o the cleats to improve the ball touch. One of the difference was the use of Nike's Flywire technology to provide a tightened and lock-in feel for a cleaner attack.
    Nike world cup football boots have been manufactured with a new outsole design. The soccer cleats have been made with a particular shape to provide with the maximum speed and grip on the ground. For less distraction on the field, the tongue is integrated into the upper.

    The new 2018 football boots are ruled by an amazing gradient from orange at the collar and heel of the boots. The toe of these cleats is dark blue in color. Definitely, these new cleats from Hypervenom Phantom series will be stand out on the pitch. The Swooshes are at the forward-facing, and rear side of the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 soccer cleats are red although the slope is continued onto the sole plate of cleats.

    The laces and tongue area of these new Nike Hypervenom 2 soccer cleats are solid orange as well as the side-splatter zig-zag design. The color combination is one of the most iconic features of the Nike Hypervenom soccer cleats. Red colors are used for the sole plate of cheap Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 football shoes, and these are designed to offer rotational quickness finished with a conical stud pattern.
    The red Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 football boots are on sale now at

  • Guthjcc Releases Agility black Nike Hypervenom 3 soccer shoes

    Nike release an almost completely black colorway for the third-gen Nike Hypervenom Phantom soccer boots 2018. the black Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 soccer cleats are set to be a hit amongst footballers looking for a boot for the new season.

    This picture shows the black Nike Hypervenom 3 soccer boots best quality Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG - Black/White/Game Royal on sale

    Part of Nike's 20118 black pack, these new Nike Hypervenom Phantom III 2018 cleats are almost a completely blackout. To break up with the dark scheme, Nike uses white for the Swooshes, the sole plate and an electric blue for the loops that replace the traditional holes for laces.

    The new black Nike Hypervenom III 2018 boots offer lockdown, improved ball touch and support dynamic motion, designed for agile wingers and attackers. The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 DF feature Nike's Flyknit technology and also introduce an engineered texture that's similar to the original upper of the first-gen Hypervenom in its pattern and shape.

    The outsole of the Nike Hypervenom 3 was also improved. The agility boot now also comes with Chevron studs for even more and instant acceleration. Read more about the features of the Nike Hypervenom 3 here.

    The black, white and blue Nike Hypervenom Phantom III boots on sale at a retail price of £79.99 as part of the Nike 2018 Black Pack at

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  • Exclusive Special Nike Hypervenom Phantom Volt 2018 World Cup soccer cleats

    Here are some pictures of this new and again very interesting Nike Hypervenom III soccer cleats.The image shows the newest Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF EA Sports FG - Volt online at

    Combining a blackout look with a striking details, this prototype is very interesting as it features the Swoosh design of the well-known Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2018 World Cup soccer cleats.Compared to the first Nike Hypervenom Phantom boots  showed off, this boot comes with a totally different upper look boasting a synthetic overlay over the Flyknit material.

    Apart from the upper structure, the cleat is very similar to the final version of the agility cleats, including the Flywire strings in the upper.Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF EA Sports FG - Volt soccer cleats are really good quality, Introduced in 2018, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 DF has a one-piece Flyknit upper with a Dynamic Fit collar. Other key features include Flywire along the sides for more lockdown and an ACC (All Conditions Control) texture for improved control under any conditions.

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  • Guthjcc Deals Nike Hypervenom Phantom III White World Cup 2018 soccer cleats

    Are you a serious fan of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III world cup 2018 line of soccer cleats? If you are then you know just how good these are. Nike made these with superior design. These look stylish, the fit well, and they make you feel more confident out there on the field. The  only issue is that although these are made to be top of the line, they aren’t going to last forever. If you have a pair of these you purchased a while back, then they probably are already worn down because of the heat of battle. Not to worry though, because Nike knows what you need.

    Nike Hypervenom 2018 cleats are not only as good as previous models, but they are better. You see this is one of the main things that make Nike so good at what they do and it’s the reason why they stay on top of their game. When they’ve put out previous models they don’t just sit back and wait to hear back from customers. They watch how they perform in these. They look at the conditions of these after a few times on the soccer field. This is called field research. What the company is basically doing is collecting feedback.

    With this feedback they can do a lot in order to improve on models they’ll come out with in the future. So any problems that might have existed with previous models of the 2018 Hypervenom Phantom II m cleats will be resolved with the ones you can expect to come in in 2015. This is good news and it gives loyal customers something to look forward to. The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III white cleats will be better in every way you can think of. Here’s just a short list:

    These are going to be made of even better material that’s designed to last longer through several rough battles on the soccer field.

    These are made with a superior design. Any player that values how they look out there is going to appreciate this.

    You can expect superior feel and superior fit. This is what’s really going to help you to feel comfortable out there and be at your best.

    Are the cheap Nike Hypervenom Phantom cleats for you?

    If you’re a fan of this line, then you want to upgrade when you get the chance to. Nike knows how to take what they’ve created in the past, collect feedback, and make improvements. So if you were to purchase a pair of these you wouldn’t just be getting the same old thing you’ve got before. You’re going to be getting something that’s superior to previous models. These Nike Hypervenom Phantom III FG - White/White/Black soccer cleats are a true upgrade at and you’ll notice this from the second you put them on. Making this upgrade is certainly going to help you when it comes to upgrading your game.

  • Guthjcc Deals the first ever Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Light Armory Blue

    Are you the type of soccer player who believes that tiers exist as far as how good you are goes? When you step out on the field do you look over at the other team’s players and know who falls into what tier? We understand that this can be damaging for some as they might not be the best out there, but trust us when we tell you not all players are the same as far as ability goes. You know this. Well here’s the thing. It’s the same way when it comes to what you wear on your feet on the field. There’s tiers as far as shoes are concerned and you should do all you can to wear ones from the top tier.

    Why is this? Well in order to give you a better understanding let’s focus on the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG - Light Armory Blue/Armory Navy/Armory Blue soccer cleats at

    • The first tier is the top level options. This is where you find options such as the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF cleats. They come from good brands with good reputations. They usually aren’t the cheapest, but their made using feedback from the world’s best players, a lot of testing goes into them and they get worn in some of the most important matches around the world including world cup qualifier matches.
    • The second tier is where you’ll find some reasonably good options, just not with the same level of backing as ones in the first tier. The prices are usually lower, but the options are also less. If you search hard you can find something that will work for you here. Just know that these aren’t really meant to be worn in really tough matches.
    • The third tier is where you’ll find the cheapest options. These are Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF 2017-18 cleats for those who just want something to wear from day to day in order to get them through. They’re not made for tough competition and their not made to really last that long. With these you’ll find plenty of options, but the quality isn’t really good.

    So the question you have to ask is what tier soccer player are you or which tier do you want to be. If you want to be in that first tier than you need a first tier option. This is what you get with a pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2018 world cup soccer cleats. It’s just hard to go wrong with a pair of these. Sure, you might not be the best you can be now, but how can you expect to get there if you aren’t wearing the best on your feet?

    Think of these as an investment. With a pair of Guthjcc Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG - Light Armory Blue soccer shoes on your feet you’ll begin to feel more confident and this is going to spill over into your game. You’ll notice the difference that’s for sure.

  • Guthjcc Revealed Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Red Fire Pack 2017-18 Boots

    Nike's new Fire Pack includes a relatively traditional colorway for the Hypervenom Phantom III DF football boot that will go on sale on November 2017 at Guthjcc


    This image shows the red and black Nike Hypervenom 3 2017-2018 soccer cleats from the Fire Pack.

    Definitely one of the more understated Hypervenom 3 colorways yet, the boots are predominantly University Red with black Swooshes and a black sole plate. Red details that are present on said sole plate, the 'Hypervenom' branding on the outstep and the lower part of the studs, complete the look.

    Tech-wise, the University Red Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 DF soccer boots have a one-piece Flyknit upper with a Dynamic Fit collar. The sole plate features chevron-shaped as well as conical studs.

    Released on 6 November 2017, the red and black Nike Hypervenom 3 boots retail at

    What are your thoughts on this brand-new Nike Hypervenom Phantom III  cleat colorway? Drop us a line below, and have a look at the Boot Calendar for all the latest leaks and release dates.

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