How Air Conditioning Has Affected Our Environment

We live in a world where breathing under conditioned air is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. We are accustomed to a controlled temperature inside our rooms and we think we can control it all. But Mother Nature cannot alter herself according to your convenience rather we need to do that. And in the near future, we would have to repay for our evil deeds towards the environment. And it has already started. Here are the return gifts nature has given us in turn of all the ill actions.

• We breathe Toxic Air

Air conditioning has made the air poisonous by the gases it releases into the environment. This is the air we and our family inhale. These toxic include the chlorofluorocarbons and hydro chlorofluorocarbons. These are a part of the greenhouse gases and they trap heat and thus result in the depletion of the ozone layer.

• Global Warming

One of the major reasons for global warming is the emission of the gases from air conditioners. This is because air conditioners use a lot of energy as compared to the usual electronic devices. These emissions are predicted to increase with time which means it will not be getting better. With usual wear and tear, any machine would lose its efficiency and would use up more fuel to produce a given amount of energy. This means that it will heat up more and more such gases will be released causing more damage to the world.

• Health Problems

With time air conditioners’ air filters lose their efficiency which permits a passage of harmful compounds to come inside your house through the equipment. These can trigger allergies and in severe cases can cause eye and nose infections. Not to mention, spending long hours in controlled temperature can deteriorate the calcium level in our body and can also cause headaches and migraines.

What can we do?

We can go for healthier alternatives; with the advancement in technology, we can find a solution to make this better. The most recent advances consist of the use of geothermal cooling systems. These geothermal systems can also be used to offer heat and hot water in domestic and commercial areas. Also, we can try to limit the use of air conditioners in our homes. Taking up lesser power/ voltage air conditioners is a good idea as well. We can still make this world a place, not only for us but for the generations to come.

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