Will Global Warming Theory Lead to War or Revolution?

We all see how Global Warming Theory — which states that human CO2 emissions are causing cataclysmic climate warming of our Earth’s atmosphere — has turned into something of a religion. Leave it to the Club of Rome to come up with that one, heck, they’ve even got the Catholic Pope on-board as the world to bring socialism to the global masses. What concerns me is the divided populations and nations of Earth are becoming embroiled in this crazy ascertain of GW Theory.

For those who study political theory – we all know what happens when we come to “political impasse” – we then get into fighting words then the actual fighting begins. Since GW Alarmists want to control us and how we live based on bogus science – at some point we’ll have no choice but revolution, political revolution is best for all concerned, meaning all those climate change alarmists will be thrown out on the street and their followers made fools and we will take back our civilizations and societies and banish the doom and gloom academic and political class. Luckily those who are skeptical have both history and truth on their sides

We cannot put anything past the Global Warming Alarmists, they lie about everything – heat wave = GW, Blizzard = GW, Big Hurricane Season = GW, Small Hurricane Season = of course GW. You name it Terrorism comes from Global Warming, Droughts = GW, Severe Rainy Seasons with Floods = GW. No matter that the Farmer’s Almanac shows far worse anomalies on both sides, so things have been pretty docile, Well then they will say; Docile = GW.

In fact, I bet the global warming alarmists start seeding clouds then we will get big rains and floods, people will die and they will of course blame that false flag on – you guessed it = GW. Geo Engineering here we come. Indeed, there was an interesting paper I think you should read from Cambridge University Press 978-0-521-198035 – Geo-Engineering Climate Change: Environmental Necessity or Pandora’s Box? Edited by Brian Launder and J. Michael T. Thompson Frontmatter.

It is of course, all based on bad science and thus, once again, the law of unintended consequences. Yet, never one apology from the socialist utopists – and all this leads me to ask; just how far will the global socialist elite be willing to take this game? Will they lead us to war, because that is the path we are on presently. Think on this.

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